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When the people need help, they call the police, and when the police need help, they call the NYPD Emergency Service Unit. ESU is a dual function tactical and rescue squad. They are trained to respond to anything with their medical, tactical, and rescue capability.

Responds to. . .Edit

  • Auto Accidents
  • Barracade/Hostage incidents
  • Biohazards
  • Construction Accidents
  • All Dangerous Conditions
  • Emotionally Disturbed Persons(EDPs)


ESU EMS- ESU Emergency Medical SquadEdit

The ESU EMS is a non-emergency ambulance service, privately funded, to transport active and retired NYPD members and their immediate families.




Standard IssueEdit

All ESU members have a pistol and available patrol rifle.

ESU Radio Emergency Response Vehichle

All members are also equipped with a Personal Radioactive Detection System, which of course is self explanintory, and a normal police belt with a pistol holster on their thigh.


  • Radio Emergency Patrol vehicles
  • large Rescue trucks


Dark blue BDU style, without fixed badge, just with a patch on the chest which reads Emergency Service Unit. Along with the patch on the left shoulder and the division patch on the other, such as the medical patch above. They have boots and cargo pants with a pistol's holster on the desired side.

Associated With. . .Edit

  • K9 Unit
  • Harbor Unit
  • Regular Officers

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