An NYPD Gang Division Officer

Don't think of this division as group of officers running around arresting gang members, because they are not. It is not illegal to be in a gang, but it is if crimes occur. They're main task is to reduce gang violence and their involvement with drugs. Also so they can reduce juveniles engaging with these gangs. Unfortunitly, a quarter of NY gang members are under the age of eighteen. These men are highly trained to deal with tasks like this.


  • Calls of Gang Violence
  • Tips


Suppression UnitEdit

These officers go out in the field and carry out patrols to reduce gang violence.

Investigation UnitEdit

Detectives who carry out investigations on alleged gangs and gang members commiting crimes. 


Uniforms And WeaponsEdit

They Gang Division have standard issue weapons, bullet proof vest and a standard police belt. Most officers are undercover in plain close but some suppression officers where uniforms like the officer above.


These officers use normal cruisers and undercovers so they can hide in plain sight undetected

Associated With. . .Edit

  • K9 Unit
  • ESU
  • Anti-Crime Unit
  • Transit Bureau

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