Once in a NYPD hero's life, whether of age or in the line of duty, they all have to die. Although, they are never forgotten and cherished forever. Unfortunatly officers are killed in the line of duty protecting New York City due to crime.

Deaths in The Line of DutyEdit

Type Number Type Number
Gunfire 321 Terrorist Attack 24
Vehicle Pursuit 12 Struck by Street Car 7
Structure Collapse 3 Vehicular Assault 20
Struck by train 5 Motorcycle Accident 36
Stabbed 24 Accidental Gunfire 24
Heart Attack 44 Fire 14
Fall 12 Exposure 1
Explosion 8 Electricuted 5
Duty Related Illness 10 Drowned 12
Bomb 2 Boating accident 5
Bicycle Accident 4 Car Accident 51
Assult 31 Asphyxiation 2
Animal Related 17 Aircraft Accident 7
Terrorist 10 9/11 related 31
Struck by Vehicle 37 Total 780

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