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A Glock 19

All NYPD officers, exept the auxilary force, are equipped with a weapon. The standard issue of a stardard officer is a service pistol, like the Glock 19. Although, other divisions of the NYPD such as the Transit Bureau, Special Operations, and the anti-terrorism unit use other peices of equipment for special jobs. Like the special operations, if they deploy as a SWAT team, they may use a M4 carbine or a type of shotgun.

Standard IssueEdit

Regular OfficersEdit

  • Glock 19------------------Pistol
  • S&W 5946---------------Pistol
  • Sigarms P226 DAO---Pistol
  • S&W 3914---------------Pistol
  • Sigarms P239----------Pistol
  • S&W 3953 TSW-------Pistol
  • Glock 26

Special UnitsEdit

  • M4 Carbine-----------------Assault Rifle
  • Ruger Mini 14----------Semi-automatic Rifle
  • Colt AR15A3---------------Semi-automatic Rifle
  • Anti-Aircraft Weapons---Undisclosed Anti-Aircraft Weapon
  • Mossberg 590-------------Shotgun
  • Shields----------------------Riot Shield
  • M16----------------------------Assault Rifle
  • Remington-----------------------Shotgun
  • Remington MSR---------------------Sniper Rifle

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